How Comfort Concealment Began

The Comfort Concealment Belt was created out of frustration with uncomfortable belly bands and awkward, overpriced CCW clothing. My wife and I agreed that she needs to carry her firearm when she goes out. The world is a crazy place and she isn’t going to be another statistic! She had one requirement, though: she wasn’t giving up her leggings. We spent countless hours trying to find the perfect solution, and after trying everything out there, (to no avail) I decided to solve the problem myself. After several prototypes and a few months of testing, the Comfort Concealment Belt was complete and we had a winner!

Comfortable, breathable, durable, discrete, compatible with any clothing, and almost any holster configuration, we believe it is the best option for concealed carry with activewear, scrubs, sweatpants, and any other type of clothing without belt loops. Once you try it you will also!

The Comfort Concealment Family

At Comfort Concealment, we strive to honor and protect everything and everyone we have been entrusted with. Making sure our loved ones are safe is a fundamental part of being a protector. To the husbands ensuring the safety of your family, the moms watching over the home and kids, the college students just starting out in the world, and everyone in between, we support your right to protect and defend yourself.